Preliminary response to researchpages user survey

Edit: There’ve been quite a few mentions of this on Twitter and elsewhere. Just to be clear – I’m aware this is a very small sample size at the moment, just put it up as I thought might be interesting and relevant to discussion at Digital Researcher meeting. Also, as mentioned below, the sample is heavily biased towards one area of science and age/career stage group


Just a quickie. I’m participating online in Digital Researcher 2012 (#dr12vitae on twitter). Lots of interesting discussions and hopefully a proper blog post to come later. But for now – an interesting preliminary result from the first 40-ish responses to the user survey question:

“what online services do you currently use?” Responders mostly contract researchers and lecturers (not many PhD students) and mostly in physical/chemical Environmental Sciences.

Key result – most respondents have never heard of most science-specific online services, and these guys are users of one (! There’s a long way to go…

I think this might be a useful analysis to do on a wider basis – I plan to make a wider survey asking this and maybe a couple of other key online science questions. Help with compiling a definitive list of services would be much appreciated – either in comments here or tweet me @martwine. Also, what other questions would you like to see asked of the research community regarding online science / open science…

Apologies for low quality of hastily put together figure and data table. Have discovered that I need a ‘publish to wordpress button’ in my spreadsheet software!

click to get the data!

Responses to question "which of the following online services do you use?" Click for a bigger one!


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