Researchpages – the final chapter

Below is an email sent out to users last week. I’ll blog the results of the user survey when they’re in.


Dear researchpages users,

You may have noticed that over the past few weeks that
has been inaccessible. This is because the server was compromised by a
serious hacking attack and was consequently taken down by the hosting
company. I have got the site back up and running, but without a serious
security audit and overhaul of the site code (which I haven’t touched
for more than 2 years) the server is likely to be hacked again. Given
the small number of active users, and the amount of work required to fix
the various problems with the site, I think it is unlikely that I wil
resurrect researchpages if it is hacked into again. I would advise you
to make backups of your files and web content from the site as soon as
possible. If it isn’t hacked, then I will give plenty of notice to you
before I take the site down (which I have no immediate plans to do).

I apologise to those of you who use the site regularly. I know a number
of you find it very useful. If anybody would like to take on the
responsibility for the site I’d be happy to do some sort of hand over,
but my feeling is that things have rather moved on on the web since
researchpages was created and there are probably better tools these days
to acheive most of what researchpages does.

Before researchpages was hacked I created a survey to be sent out to the
sites users to ascertain your views on the site – the good bits and the
problem bits,  how it compares to your experience of other online
services etc. I would be most grateful if you could find 5 minutes to
complete this quick survey at It
will help to figure out how best to move on from researchpages and I
will use it to make some reccommendations to site users over the next
month or so on how to achieve what researchpages did by using other free
web services.

Apologies again, particularly to those of you who have recently signed
up and put time and effort into creating your pages.

If anyone has any queries or suggestions I’d be glad to hear from you,
either through the survey at or
directly by email at or Please note I’m on paternity leave at the
moment so my response may not be swift!

Thanks for  your support of over the past 5 or so
years, sorry that it’s likely to come to an end soon.

Your faithfully

Martin Johnson 


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