Researchpages code set free!

Years ago I built a ‘networking for research’ web application / site called researchpages ( The site is still running and in use by some hundreds of users, and getting about 100 hits a day I discovered earlier when I visited the google analytics for it for the first time in years! But it’s most definitely not in active development. The best way to describe it is maybe as ‘MySpace for research’. So it was probably a bit behind the times in 2006 when I built it, at the dawn of the Facebook age!

In many ways it has been superceeded by stuff like Mendeley. But I think it still has some useful features, or at least ideas of features. Multiple-author-linked publications, wiki, blog and web space (albeit very basic)  for individuals / projects, ‘resource’ (i.e. images, documents, other files) sharing. Some level of public / private functionality. All in all as my first ever (and only) database driven web app it’s not so bad.

Also in it’s favour is the fact that it has run stably for the last 5 years without me having to make any code changes since I stopped actively developing it! It has quirks, but the only thing that has brought it down is disk full errors. Which does happen quite often due some cron backup ridiculousness that I’ve never found the time to sort out.

Anyway, the future of researchpages hangs in the balance. I don’t really have time to maintain it let alone improve it and it’s so un-integrated with the rest of the social web (no rss, not open id, nothing, no api, no facebook or twitter integration) that it is guaranteed to die a slow death over time. Maybe by setting the code free, it will find some new life somewhere. At least some bits of it might be of use.

If anybody would like to help me with or take over the running of researchpages you’re more than welcome – please get in touch! Otherwise, please enjoy the code in whatever way you see fit.


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